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  • 产品名称: Details of Rockfall Protection Mesh
  • 产品编号: 04.01.02

1. Material Transportation


The rockfall protection mesh produced by the factory is machine-weaved hexagonal metal sheets. It is packaged in rolls with length of 25m-50m. The roll diameter is decided by wire diameter, roll length and PVC coating. Every roll is bonded separately for loading and shipping convenience.


2. Preparation and Placement


Slope height and abruptness shall be taken into consideration to decide whether to place the rockfall protection mesh on the slop surface or hang it on the slop. Though the placement of rockfall protection mesh shall be decided according to different places, it can be generally simplified into four steps:
① Treating slope surface (removing the gravels, weeds, etc.) according to the practical conditions;
② Expand the whole roll of mesh from upside;
③ Fix the mesh with walls or slopes;
④ Fix the top and bottom of the mesh on slope surface.


Until now, it is difficult to expand the mesh on the surface.


First method: transport the mesh roll to the top of the slope, expand the fix the mesh on the upper edge of the slope after adjustment and let the mesh fall freely. It is suitable for places where there are roads to top of the hill and telephone wire, poles, railways and other public facilities at the bottom of the hills.

Second method: expand the mesh at the bottom of the slope and hang the mesh with hanger to appointed places for fixation. This requires winches or cranes. There are operation limitations during using winches or cranes, such as traffic jam, limited construction space caused by narrow roads, etc. to overcome the limitations, helicopters are adopted to speed up operation. When the slope is above 25m, helicopters are optimal.