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  • 产品名称: Railway side fence
  • 产品编号: 02.01.02


Railway fence is an important transport infrastructure, which has ,ore strict requirements on safety and practicability.



the upright column is divided into galvanized steel pipe, peach-shaped column, dovetail column and C steel, mesh is divided into plastic woven steel mesh, PVC plastic welded wire mesh, chain link fence, steel mesh and punching net. Its general structures include the upright column and the border through the connecting pieces, and you can also connect the mesh directly with the column, rivet bolt with the connecting pieces , and the angle can be adjusted.


High-quality low-carbon steel wire is selected to weld whose grid structure is quire concise and easy to transport and install without terrain restrictions, especially with strong adaptability in the mountains, slopes, snaky zone .



It is mainly used for highways, railways, bridges on both sides of the protective zone; airport, port, terminal security protection; municipal construction of parks, lawns, zoos, ponds, roads, and residential isolation and protection.



1. The upright column is made of concrete, and the construction cost is low.
2. High strength and good overall stability.
3. Color plastic layer has a good anti-corrosion and decorative effect.
4. Network perimeter is harmonious and beautiful on the whole.
5. Closed railway , highway guardrail, development zone boundary, field fence.
6. Anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-sun and so on.