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  • 产品名称: Highway and airport fence
  • 产品编号: 02.01.03



Airport fence , which is also known as "Y-type security defense nets", is reinforced by V-shaped column of reinforced welding mesh, security and anti-theft joints and hot-dip galvanized blade gill network composition strength and security level is very high. So it is widely used in airports, military bases and other high security places.


If the the blade barbed wire is installed on the top of the airport fence, the knife gill the net and then enhance the security performance. Several forms are adopted to prevent from corroding like electroplating, hot-dip, spraying, dipping , with good anti-aging, anti-sun, corrosion. Its product modeling handsome, colorful, both play a fence, but also play a role in beautification. As a result of high security, anti-climbing ability, mesh connection using a special SBS fasteners, effectively prevent the destruction of man-made disfigurement, horizontal four bending ribs, the mesh surface strength increased significantly.


Connection: the main use of M-card, hold-card connection.

Production process: pre-straight wire, cutting, welding, pre-bending, inspection, frame, destructive experiments, landscaping (PE, PVC,Hot dip), packaging, storage.

Specifications: welding with 5.0mm high strength low carbon steel wire.

Mesh: 50mm x 100mm, 50mmX200mm.

The V-shaped ribs are included in the mesh, which can greatly enhance the impact of the fence.

Column is a kind of rectangular steel with specification of 60X60,  with V-shaped frame on its top. Or 70mmX100mm hanging connection column is adopted. Products are hot-dipped galvanized after the use of high-quality polyester powder electrostatic spraying, the use of international popular RAL color.



1. With features of beautiful, practical, easy to transport and install.
2. Strong terrain adaptability, which allows it connected with the column connection to be adjusted as the ground goes up and down;
3. Installation of four bending ribs in the airport fence horizontal, the overall increase in the cost of the same time, so that the net surface strength and beauty are significantly increased. It is one of the most popular at home and abroad.


Main use:

airports, highways, railways, bridges on both sides of the isolation and protection of the airport, port, terminal security protection, municipal construction park, lawn, zoo, pool, road, residential isolation and protection, hotel Hotels, supermarkets, entertainment venues protection and decoration.