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  • 产品名称: palisade fence
  • 产品编号: 02.01.06


The Palisade, also known as the Palisade fence may not be known in the country, but has long been known in foreign countries.It is the replacement of large brick wall and some clumsy fence of the past to make your life clear and clean. "Palisade", also known as "security defensive welding piece", it cast the charm of the opportunity from the people's pursuit of the environment. Accompanied by a new building, new home, new decoration, the birth of new stores, the chances for Palisade to be put into use are approaching. Palisade itself means extremely rich with "Palisade" in the treasures, and it is not only a certain kind of personal publicity, but also a reminder of history, right exotic advocacy.


Palisade adopts Q235 low-carbon cold drawn steel wire, cold drawn low carbon steel wire, low carbon steel wire as raw material to be braided with specification of 1.8m high, 2.5m wide. And the corresponding anti-corrosion treatment are as follows: electrotinning ,hot tinning, spraying, impregnating and stainless steel wire. In particular, plastic (PVC) wire Palisade wires are not expensive but durable up to more than 10 years. with its good corrosion resistance.


Production should be based on customers' requirements.


Structure: Palisade adopts isolation fence welded with cold drawn low carbon steel wire to be fixed steel pipe through connecting piece. Palisade products highlight the characteristics of "beautiful and practical". The mesh is welded with no border, which is easy to transport and install, and its strong terrain adaptability makes it possible to be adjusted as the ground goes up and down when connecting with the upright column. And we install four bending ribs on the mesh in order to increase the strength of the net surface significantly. At present, the Palisade is widely used in the railway closed living area, fence area, fence development zone.Features and use of three-angle fence: Palisade has the following features: beautiful and durable, broad field of vision, color variety, high strength, beautiful in shape. It is easy to install without the limit of terrain undulation.