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  • 产品名称: Steel Bar Grating
  • 产品编号: 03.01.08


The steel bar grating is made by load flat steel and rail arranging based on a certain space horizontally and vertically. It is welded on cogas protective welder. 


CHARACTERISTICS: high strength, light structure;secure grid welding makes it possible to have a higher bearing capacity and light structure and be easy to hoist. Nice appearance and durable in use; Treatment on hot dipped zinc’s surface makes it easy to be resistant to corrosion. The surface is smooth and beautiful. It has good functionalities such as wonderful ventilation, good lighting, great heat dissipation, anti-explosion and skid resistance. It also can prevent dust accumulation.


USE: Be widely used in power station, chemical plant, oil refinery, steelworks, paper mill, machinery works, cement mill, municipal engineering, sewage treatment works and environmental sanitation engineering's platform, aisle, trestle, channel cover, manhole cover, ladder, rail, guardrail etc.